music mapper

You want a music map for the for username

This is a tool I made for my own profile to see how much music I listened to by country. To try it out, fill in the fields above. If you put the picture in your profile, it will automatically update every week or so. There are some caveats:

  1. The API has a speed limit on it of 5 requests per second. Each music map needs one request for the initial list of artists, and then another request for every single artist to find out where they’re from. I get around it by storing the responses, so it shouldn’t be that slow in general, but please bear that in mind.

  2. don’t store an artist’s country, but they do let people tag songs. This tool uses those tags to guess where an artist is from, but sometimes they’ll be missing or wrong.

  3. They make me include this button, to show that it’s powered by logo

  4. Not a caveat, but the source is available on GitHub.

By Sean McGivern