This game only works on browsers with Canvas support.

Con-trust is my entry for Mini-LD #36: Contrasts. It’s built with EntityJS using sprites I made in Aseprite. The source is on GitHub at smcgivern/con-trust, with the built version, along with source for this page, at smcgivern/con-trust-built.

To play: click to move. You can’t move on to mountains, just flat tiles. Different coloured flat tiles move you between levels. There’s an NPC on each level. When you talk to them, they’ll tell you their story. You can then either decide that they are trying to con you, and so con them back, or to trust them and believe that they will do what they say.

The more honest an NPC is, the less likely they are to cheat you. And the savvier they are, the more likely they are to spot your attempt to con them. The idea is to make as much money as possible by the end of the game.

(Yes, I got carried away with the pun rather than thinking about the game mechanics.)