These projects are mostly in various stages of abandonment, but once upon a time I thought each of them was a good idea.

A demo for the Frinj ClojureScript library, an evaluator for URMs, an evaluator for Legendre symbols, and a graph database.
A list of charts for cricket batters, an SQL interface to cricket stats, a combined table for The Hundred, a different way of visualising football league tables, and a tool for charting historical league positions.
A database of Late Junction playlists (not updating), a mapper for play history, and an aggregator for gigs on Myspace (yes, really! This no longer works).
A flashcard tool with Spanish verbs and a timeline chart for Goodreads history.
A port of a game from The Fool and His Money and an unimpressive Ludum Dare effort.

Very occasionally, I write articles.

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