Football comparison tables

This is just a quick idea I had when doing the historical league positions page. The idea is that two teams are often compared on head-to-head record, but not (that I have seen) on their respective records against the other teams in the division. Cross-tables are close, but too busy and always show all teams.

To try it out, use the table below. The top part of the box is the home result and the bottom part is the away result. For instance: as Burnley drew with Bolton at home and lost away, their Bolton row is: .

This makes it easy to see that (for instance) Birmingham didn’t win once against the teams above them, but drew with all of them at home except Aston Villa. Blackburn, who finished on the same points, beat Tottenham once and Aston Villa twice, but struggled to win away from home against the bottom seven.

# Team P W D L F A Pts
1Chelsea 382756 1033286
2Manchester United 382747 862885
3Arsenal 382369 834175
4Tottenham Hotspur 3821710 674170
5Manchester City 3818137 734567
6Aston Villa 3817138 523964
7Liverpool 3818911 613563
8Everton 3816139 604961
9Birmingham City 38131114 384750
10Blackburn Rovers 38131114 415550
11Stoke City 38111413 344847
12Fulham 38121016 394646
13Sunderland 38111116 485644
14Bolton Wanderers 3810919 426739
15Wolverhampton Wanderers 3891118 325638
16Wigan Athletic 389920 377936
17West Ham United 3881119 476635
18Burnley 388624 428230
19Hull City 3861220 347530
20Portsmouth 3877 243466 19

Postscript: data on professional football is not free, not by a long shot. This page is a mock-up, not a complete tool, using the results from the 2009-10 Premiership season as provided by the RSSSF. There isn’t a whole lot there, but the source is available on GitHub at smcgivern/football-comparison-tables.